Zindra Winterbow

Scout of the Emerald Enclave offering her services for 10 gp/day. Familiar with the Lurkwood.


Zindra is a scout and member of The Emerald Enclave. She has taken up residence in Triboar, and offers her services as a guide for 10 gp/day. Triboar is a perfect home for her, as she gets to interact with many travelers and there are lucrative opportunities to guide—and guard—the numerous caravans that pass through the frontier town.

Zindra was once very close with Dawn Mistwalker, but their relationship is not what it once was. Zindra spends her time between adventures drinking heavily at the Triboar Arms.

Zindra Winterbow is familiar with the Lurkwood.

Zindra Winterbow

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