Tarmock Felaskur

Apothecary owner who sells medicine and "sweet water." He seems to know something about the Terror.


Across the road from Northshield House is the town apothecary, a slouched wooden cottage with ivy-covered walls. Tarmock Felaskur sells herbal medicines and salves of questionable efficacy. Parked outside the apothecary’s front door is a ramshackle wheelbarrow, hanging above which is a wooden sign shaped like a potion bottle.

In addition to herbs and salves, Tarmock sells “sweet water” for 1 gp a flask. The sweet, naturally carbonated water bubbles up from a tiny spring in the shed behind Tarmock’s cottage. Tarmock makes most of his money selling the water to the proprietors of The Pleasing Platter.

Tarmock Felaskur

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