Tarth Blackwarden

Grumpy and at times uncooperative--at least when the party needs something from him--Tarth is the loyal commander of the Twelve, Triboar's militia. He has a begrudging affinity for the adventurers, mostly because they'll do the shit work.


Tarth Blackwarden is a veteran of the War of the Silver Marches, where he commanded a battalion against an impossibly large army of Orcs. Most of Tarth’s men died in the battle, and Tarth himself only barely got out alive—the only reason he did was because he was rescued by one of his soldiers, a young man named Spencer Altryte. Tarth is increasingly concerned about the rumors of Spencer’s current activities.

In the time after the war, Tarth retired to Triboar. After Darathra Shendrel was elected to the position of Lord Protector, she asked Tarth if he would lead the Twelve, Triboar’s militia. Tarth has served with honor ever since.

Tarth Blackwarden

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