Shem of the Apple Cart

Shem is a reformed berserker who is just trying to live a lawful life--but things keep happening to make him lose his temper...


Shem spent many years as a Berserker from a particularly vicious tribe of barbarians. Shem’s heart was never really in it, however, and when he met Bula, he knew he had to leave his old ways behind him. Shem left his former life, and he and Bula began running an apple cart in Triboar. It was a meagre living, but a good one. When Bula died unexpectedly, it took all Shem could do to not go back to his old ways. Now he’s doing everything he can to live a lawful life, as challenging as that may often be.

With the War of the Silver Marches fresh in everyone’s mind, Shem faces a lot of discrimination, particularly from the out-of-towners who have not gotten to know him over the past few years that he’s resided in Triboar. In fact, it was the War of the Silver Marches that finally pushed Shem and Bula to leave their tribe behind. Many in the city will stand up for Shem’s honor, at least in private, and the Lord Protector has made it clear that understanding and acceptance is the City’s official position on the matter. In private, the Lord Protector has also made it clear to Shem that his propensity for violence must remain in check if he wishes to remain in Triboar.

Shem of the Apple Cart

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