Rutherford Brightmoon

Dumber than a bag of hammers, this Triboar-area noble was Reberkkah's betrothed before she ran away.


The middle child of semi-prominent Triboar-area nobles, Rutherford is a bit arrogant, incredibly protective of his family, and not very bright. Fortunately, what he lacks in smarts he makes up for in looks. Rutherford was engaged to be married to Reberkkah Goodehair before she gave him the slip, setting off the sequence of events that would lead to her life as an adventurer.

Most recently, Rutherford and his friend Eluard Wardlaw were abducted by goblin raiders and held captive by The Black Mask, who ordered that the men be tortured and thoroughly demoralized before being put up for ransom. The goblins renamed them Stink and Retch respectively.

Rutherford was grateful for his rescue, and has promised to keep Reberkkah’s whereabouts a secret, at least for now.

Rutherford Brightmoon

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