Dain Quickfellow

A famed hunter and former adventurer, now retired to Melton. He's arrogant as anyone's ever been, and he enjoys needling Thorn Farwalker for kicks.


Dain Quickfellow was an adventurer for many years. Dain amassed much fame and considerable fortune during his time as an adventurer, and is most famous for reasoning with the giant Krictag. Dain managed to parlay his fame into command of The Twelve, Triboar’s city guard. His position was short-lived, however, and under his leadership The Twelve was embroiled in scandal after scandal. Political historians have since argued that his ineptitude, cronyism, and general disregard for the common folk of Triboar was a major factor in the ousting of the incumbent Lord Protector and the landslide victory of Darathra Shendrel. Darathra’s first act as Lord Protector was to fire Dain Quickfellow and replace him with Tarth Blackwarden, a hero of the War of the Silver Marches.

Never missing an opportunity to spin defeat into a great story about his own heroism, Dain left Triboar and moved north to the small village of Melton, where he has taken up the life of a hunter and very much enjoys being the biggest fish in a very small pond.

Dain Quickfellow

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