The Cult of the Crystal Spider

Session Two

Temple of the Nightbringers, Part 2

Exploring the Temple

After a rest, the adventurers realize Xenon is no longer with them. Where did he go?

The party comes across a room of sleeping goblins, of whom they make quick work. The next door they come across has been jammed shut with iron stakes, the goblin word for DANGER scrawled across it in chalk. There is an occasional thumping at the door. The adventurers force it open, only to find four zombies who attack the party immediately.

After defeating the zombies, the party finds the sanctuary—it is now fairly obvious that this underground building is a temple of some sort. An alcove in the northern wall house an obsidian statue of a slender, robed figure, holding a wicked knife in hand. The party surmises that this is the goddess Shar. There is an invisible barrier surrounding the statue. After searching, the party finds an indentation in the floor. Placing the obsidian disk in the indentation, the barrier is removed. There is a secret hatch in the base of the statue holding a stash of gold.

The next room contains a large stone pool filled with water glowing with a flickering, green eldritch light. The party quickly discovers that this chamber is used to summon a variety of creatures from other planes. Well, maybe not so quickly. They do summon an awful lot of creatures who they then have to fight before they seem to figure it out.

Party in the Dining Hall

One of the doors to the next room has been spiked shut and cannot be opened, although the party does unsuccessfully attempt to burn it down. The party can hear sounds inside—chattering in harsh, loud voices, arguments, glasses clinking, and so on.

Sneaking around to the other side, the party discovers 8 goblins in this room, which seems to be a dining hall. A frontal assault is likely to end badly, so the party considers luring the goblins to the summoning chamber. Eventually, they decide on a pincer type attack, creating a chokepoint between two corridors. The adventurers take some damage but eventually defeat the goblins—but not before setting the dining hall on fire. Off the dining hall is a small kitchen. Two dirty, naked humans cower near the fireplace. They go by the names of “Stink” and “Retch” but Reberkkah recognizes them as the sons of prominent Triboar-area nobles. In fact, one of the men is Rutherford Brightmoon, Reberkkah’s former fiance. It is reasonable to expect that if these men are returned home, their families will pay a handsome reward for their safe return.

The next room is a torture chamber the goblins have decided to use as a latrine.

Nearing the End of the Journey

After this, the party comes upon another chamber. They can hear voices arguing inside. They push in, the door opening noisily, finding two large and well-armored hobgoblins. They look at the adventurers in astonishment, but quickly recover and draw their weapons. After all that goblin slaying, what’s a little more? After defeating the creatures, the party decides to barricade themselves in this room for a rest before facing the last room of the temple …

Characters Present at this Session

Notable Loot

  • 245 sp
  • 330 gp
  • Four rubies, in a bag with a note tied to it that says “Melton”

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