The Cult of the Crystal Spider

Session Three, Part One

Temple of the Nightbringers, Part 3

The Black Mask

The party hears footsteps outside the door, but thankfully they are able to rest undisturbed.

Ready to take on the final room of the temple, the party steels themselves and come up with a plan of attack.

The room they enter is much cleaner and more richly appointed than any other part of the temple, with oak-panelled walls, vibrant tapestries, a four-postered bed, and a writing desk. The room is occupied by a squat figure in a dark cloak and its enormous worg companion.

It turns toward the adventurers as they enter the room, its grotesquely carved obsidian mask glimmering wickedly.

“Godsdammit all,” the dark figure hisses in a raspy, familiar voice. “I told you to stay away, and now I’m going to have to kill you.”

Fortunately for the adventurers, the creature in the black mask seemed unprepared to fight, and they made quick work of it and the worg. During the fight, some of the party members noticed Reberkkah seemingly slipping in and out of reality, as if disappearing behind a semi-sheer curtain.

Facing Justice

Instead of killing the goblin chief, Marxibis and Ioda restrain it and remove its mask … only to reveal none other than Frida Greatheart, constable of Melton. Xenon heals Frida and ties her up while she begs the adventurers to take her life, unable to face the reality of all the destruction she has caused. The adventurers all agree that Frida ought to face justice from the people of Melton.

Meanwhile, Reberkkah uncovers Frida’s Journal, detailing Frida’s descent into wickedness. Marxibis attempts to open a trapped lockbox and receives a poison dart for the effort. Eventually forcing her way in, she recovers some gold and a map of the Triboar region.


The High Priest’s Chamber where Frida had made her new home within the temple holds a hidden ladder which leads up and out of the temple. The adventurers decide to go out this way rather than tracking back through the temple, now littered with the bodies of goblins, hobgoblins, and zombies—but not before rescuing the hostages Retch and Stink.

The adventurers make their way around the low, rocky hill that houses the cave mouth leading to the Temple. Back on the other side, the party encounters Dawn Mistwalker, who has clearly been injured and is resting on a toppled tree. “Took you long enough,” she tells them. Around her are the small, limp bodies of goblin raiders, pockmarked and crimson where Dawn’s arrows hit. “I couldn’t just let them catch you unawares.” With a groan, Dawn stands and looks at Frida, who is being held prisoner so she may be delivered back to Melton in order to face justice. Dawn shakes her head in disappointment.

As the party prepares for the trip back to Melton, Dawn asks Ioda to hang back so that they may discuss something.

Going Back to Melton

The trip to Melton is fairly uneventful, and the arrival with Frida is understandably bittersweet. The adventures spend one last night in Melton. Seth Grimhill puts them up at the Weary Knight for free, but insists they leave first thing in the morning. The people of Melton have a lot of thinking to do.

That night, the adventurers nurse their wounds and sleep to the best of their abilities.

Ioda dreams of the Giant’s Grove.

Adventurers Present at this Session

Notable Loot

  • 1100 sp
  • 150 gp
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Map of Triboar region
  • Frida’s Journal
  • Mask of the Nightbringers

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