The Cult of the Crystal Spider

Session Three, As Recapped by Marxibis Stonesplitter

Special guest recapper Maxibis Stonesplitter:

here’s what happened (i probably forgot some stuff already)

We went into that final room in the dungeon and fought a worg and a mysterious masked creature person who said in a strange voice that we found familiar something to the effect of “i told you not to come in here and now i have to kill ya.” They continuously rolled crit fails so we obliterated them, but rather than killing the masked person, Xenon healed them and hog tied them, and then took off their mask, and it was that constable from Melton who we met when we first got there, Frida. Frida had a journal that basically gives clues as to what happened, with this mask taking over their life and making them mad with power. There was a lockbox that Marxibis opened and it had a goddamn poison dart trap attached to it so that was lame but it was full of gold and a map I think? Then behind a curtain there was another chest that xenon opened and I can’t remember what was in there. We went back to Melton and it was bittersweet for the people there to find out what was causing the trouble (their constable). Fuck authority and cops seems to be the latent moral of this mission? I might be projecting.

We leveled up and that was cool.

Ok then we went to Triboar and met the Lord Protector who’s name was Drathara Shrendrull(sp?) who is up for re-election in 2 weeks. And her opponent is some terrible person who apparently needs to remain nameless at the moment. The vibe was that it was an approximation of the current president of the united states. Anyway after an awful lot of hemming and hawing we finally decided to take on her quest of finding out what was causing the loss of livestock and women and children (in that order, hence the hemming/hawing). Folks nearby have attributed the trouble to a local legend called The Terror which some people believe in but some people don’t. This dude Dorm Stormthorm seems to be connected to this in some way but also his wife and child disappeared but something’s fishy about it maybe? I might be projecting again. He’s been hanging out drinking in the town instead of on the outskirts where his farm is. His farmhouse cottage thing got flattened by a creature with claws but none of us rolled high enough survival to know what it is. His neighbors Westra Greatdew and Celestine Fleetdew were still hanging by their farms for the most part and didn’t seem super worried about The Terror. There’s a dude named Tarmoc who allegedly fucked around in a graveyard at some point, and he’s an apothecary. There’s like some relationship with the timing of his graveyard shenanigans and the incidents of The Terror. So our next stop is to his Apothecary shop.

We also met a half orc who sold apples and Xenon gave him a copper wrapped in gold foil which pissed him off but we got away. And we met a wizard in this bar who did some magical object identification for us.

I’m sure there are important details i’m overlooking.

It’s now canon that Marxibis butchers people’s names.


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